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Tapit - one more kiss

Spread the love and kiss more!

This summer I had the great chance to team up again with the crazy folks of Kompost directing,designing and animating this commercial for

The goal was creating a storyline starting from a sentence ( "During life we spend 152 days with administrative stuff. Only 14 days we kiss. ") and the client let us free enough to explore a personal style, it was super cool!

Animation Studio / Production Company: Kompost
Director/ Art Direction / Animation: Erik Righetti
Executive Producer: Gian Klainguti
Producer: Dennis Guggenheim
Sound Effects: Zibaldone & Morsibacca

Les Sales Marines

This is a free project I've been working on in my spare time, a small present for a friend of mine.

The aim was to create something touching and rough at the same time, so I rotoscoped some footages in a sketchy way and mixed them all together with some cel animations.

It's the first time I use Photoshop to animate so any suggestion to improve this technique is welcome!!

Hope you enjoy
Music: Gnossienne No. 1 ( Lent ) Erik Satie

If you wanna take a look at some crazy jewels made by my friend please check :


A funny logo I had the pleasure to draw and animate for Thejobjob, an easy way to look for a job!


A small present I did for my friends.

song: artificio d'islanda / Ancher

Thanks to Martynas Genkovas for the footage!


My logo needed a refreshment

Ivonmusic Montage

Ivonmusic asked me to show the functions of their new cloud through an animated love story I directed, designed and animated.

This is a montage of the long version you can find here:

- (italian version)
- (english version)

Music: Zibaldone&Morsibacca

IvonMusic is a Cloud Music Network that allows the storage of one’s music collection, on on-line server, in order to have it always available, from everywhere, on every web ( pc-mac-linux) and mobile position (tablet-smart phone). It is a Social Network rich of innovative functions having a social Interaction with artists and music lovers, integrated with other existing networks


Arent Benthem invited me to create a 10 sec. animation
This piece will be part of The Animation Sequence Project.
You can find more info about this project here :


SAT was so happy of the animation I made for their new logo that asked me to make a longer version.
I had a lot of fun!
Hope you enjoy it as I did working on it!

A HUGE thanks to the great couple Zibaldone & Morsibacca for the perfect simmetry of the music, and to SAT for the freedom!

Music:  Zibaldone & Morsibacca (


I'm very excited to present you this animation!
It has been made rotoscoping real footages of horses running and I'm quite proud of the resulting effect.
The final sand animation has been made with real sand and the ever green stop motion.
Hope you enjoy!

Sound: Professor Kliq


This is just a quick animation test, I would experiment some cutting techniques of animation... I know, I know...I need a real sound designer !!
Check the full version here:


Direction/Animation: Erik Righetti
Paper shenography: Alicia Guerra Ibañez

Music: "Casual Things" by C+C Maxigross

A huge thaks to the musicians for this awesome song, please check their album "Singar" and spread it!

You can download "Singar" here:


Treo è la tecnologia che converte l'energia del traffico stradale in energia eolica. Raccoglie le perdite aerodinamiche dei veicoli in movimento e le trasforma in energia e, al contempo, rappresenta un potente strumento per analizzare gli effetti del traffico sull'ambiente.

E' un sistema che rende disponibile quell'energia che sarebbe altrimenti persa e che, accoppiato con un sistema di data assimilation, consente di
analizzare e predire in modo del tutto innovativo l'impatto ambientale dei nostri veicoli.

Una conversione intelligente dell'energia, assieme al controllo dell'ambiente, è un'opportunità per il presente ed il futuro.


Treo is a road traffic to wind energy conversion technology that catches aerodynamic energy losses of
moving vehicles, providing energy and simultaneously representing a powerful tool for analyzing the
effects of traffic on the environment.
A stunning technology for both producing energy and digitally shaping the circulating vehicles..
The treo tool, coupled with data assimilation systems, also allows to analyze and predict the effects of
traffic on the environment in a completely innovative way.
We believe intelligent energy conversion, together with environmental control, is a chance for present
and future human health.


Video realizzato per la pubblicazione del Premio Letterario indetto dalla collana di libri per ragazzi "Il Battello a Vapore".

Client: Editrice PIEMME
Director/animator: Erik Righetti
Photography/Camera: Ludovico Chincarini
"Slap Happy" by Steve Lowther provided by


Video/animation: Erik Righetti
Music: "Sweet suite" Railster

The One minute Suite project was born in 2002 from a challenge with its host festival – Videominuto. The challenge in question is the use of the 60-second format for experimenting within the genre of music video clips which, although often revolutionary in destroying audiovisual linguistic codes, appears evermore repetitive and poorly innovative, especially in television commercial production. A simple yet intriguing idea is at the foundation of this project: commissioning the composition of an original 60-second piece of music (a minute suite, hence the name) to international electronica musicians that we think are important and brave enough to take on such an adventure in sound. Our request is not for a “cut” from a longer piece or a bit of something already recorded or published, but a complete composition that makes sense in one minute.
After listening to “audio minutes” the next step is to commission an experimental videomaker in the “visualisation” of a specific piece using methods that search for possibilities in innovating audiovisual form and unprecedented interaction between sound and image.


One Minute Suite è un progetto nato nel 2002 dalla condivisione di una sfida con il festival che lo ospita: Videominuto. La sfida in questione è quella di utilizzare il formato dei 60 secondi per sperimentare nuove strade all’interno di un genere, il videoclip musicale, che se molte volte è stato rivoluzionario nel sovvertimento dei codici linguistici audiovisivi, sempre più spesso, soprattutto nelle produzioni commerciali per i canali televisivi, appare ripetitivo e scarsamente innovativo. Alla base del progetto c’è un’idea semplice ma intrigante: commissionare la composizione di un brano originale da 1 minuto esatto (una piccola suite) a influenti musicisti dell’area elettronica internazionale, sufficientemente coraggiosi da lanciarsi in una simile peripezia sonora. Ciò che chiediamo non è un “cut” da un brano più lungo o un frammento di qualcosa di già registrato, ma una composizione originale che abbia senso nel minuto esatto della sua durata. Il passaggio successivo è quello, una volta ascoltati gli “audiominuti”, di ricercare un videomaker sperimentale al quale commissionare la “visualizzazione” di uno specifico pezzo, secondo modalità che ricerchino le possibilità d’innovazione della forma audiovisiva e inedite interazioni tra suono e immagine: processazioni generative, implementazione delle pratiche del vjing, artigianalità evoluta e futuribile


Direction and Animation: Erik Righetti

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