The One minute Suite project was born in 2002 from a challenge with its host festival – Videominuto. The challenge in question is the use of the 60-second format for experimenting within the genre of music video clips which, although often revolutionary in destroying audiovisual linguistic codes, appears evermore repetitive and poorly innovative, especially in television commercial production. A simple yet intriguing idea is at the foundation of this project: commissioning the composition of an original 60-second piece of music (a minute suite, hence the name) to international electronica musicians that we think are important and brave enough to take on such an adventure in sound. Our request is not for a “cut” from a longer piece or a bit of something already recorded or published, but a complete composition that makes sense in one minute.

After listening to “audio minutes” the next step is to commission an experimental videomaker in the “visualisation” of a specific piece using methods that search for possibilities in innovating audiovisual form and unprecedented interaction between sound and image.


Design/Direction/Animation: Erik Righetti
Music: “Sweet suite” by Railster